About us

The Team behind The Lotus Terraces

Koh Samui is an island in full bloom. The level of services, standards and expertise on the island has seen a dramatic rise in recent years. This rise is highlighted perfectly by the team of professionals who came together to create The Lotus Terraces.

Developer - Michael Nagel
Michael is a successful hotelier with a leading international 5-star hotel chain. He brings broad cross-Asia experience to the project including work in China, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines.

Developer - Manfred Schultz
Manfred is an entrepreneur for the past 25 years and has owned and operated a variety of businesses – among them luxury furnished accommodation, health spas and consumer goods and beverages.

Architect and Interior Designer, Dan Kwan
Kwan graduated from New York's Pratt Institute in Architecture and was awarded a Master of Science in Urban Studies from Columbia University, an education as prestigious as the career that would follow. He is a protégé of Frank Gehry, world famous architect of New York’s iconographic Guggenheim Museum. He has since developed his own distinctively famous architectural style, and is now the principal architect/interior designer of TriBeca Asia Hospitality Group.

"Lotus Terraces embodies all that is what Koh Samui is about; sun, sea, and natural beauty. Like the fine lotus flower its essence will linger in its lush landscaping and sensitive architecture. The vision of Michael Nagel & Manfred Schultz is unprecedented on the island and I am honored to have been a part of its creation".

Landscape Designer, Natalie Schneider of PL Design
Natalie, an Australian, joined PL Design in January 1996. Her work has included hotels, condominium and office landscapes, large scale planning and landscape design and residential design on an international basis. The Lotus Terraces is her first project on Koh Samui.

Montree Buritan, head of construction firm EkCa Thai
Montree, has spent over twenty four years in the construction business, fourteen as head of his own company. EkCa Thai is Montree's Bangkok based construction company, responsible for some of the highest profile building contracts in Thailand, including Government and University buildings.

Denis Astgen, head of M & E company, Comin Asia
Denis Astgen, a native of France, is head of the Cambodian based M & E company, Comin Asia. The Samui branch, Comin Thai, is the M & E team overseeing The Lotus Terraces.